This week was probably the most fun one I've had in a long time (if you don't take the beginning of the week with the exams and all into account)! Getting my mind off all the stressful things (=school) really helped me relax to the max, which included eating awfully lot of unhealthy but ruthlessly delicious food, listening to some of my favorite music and hanging out with my awesome family. And of course celebrating the end of the exams out in the night with my friends was tons of fun too! An unforgettable weekend to sum it up! Especially the Skins Party on friday won't be fading away from my mind anytime soon. It was mental. Besides, dancing two hours non-stop is a good work out too. But the photos above have absolutely nothing to do with my awesome weekend. They're from my cousins wedding from two weeks ago. Thought I'd share these with you guys since I currently don't have anything else to offer! Hope you had a lovely weekend as well!


  1. lovely photos! I have never been to a wedding :D

  2. Simone Lässig:
    haha, neither had i before this! :D
    and thanks!

  3. häät on niin ihania! hihii venailen/suunnittelen omia :P

  4. noora:
    niin on! sen voin sanoo vaikka oonki ollu vasta yksissä :D

  5. We really love the pictures so much! Best wishes to the newly weds! :) It is truly a very memorable and happy day for all of you! Very lovely shots! We love it very much!

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  6. lovely photos! weddings are so nice x

  7. (hey, boy from 4th photo, CALL ME <3)