Found this Wild West style shirt last weekend from Cubus' sale for only ten euros. I decided to buy it because a) I happened to have a ten-euro bill in my wallet and b) fringe is kinda cool. What do you guys think? I'm a little upset atm since I got sick yesterday after being surrounded by only sneezy and coughing people for a whole week (mine and my boyfriends family). And even though it is nice for a change to take a break from my mind numbing job (no, I'm not going to deny that packing collectible cards sucks) I do wish to get well soon because this weekend I was planning to head to Helsinki to listen to and watch Kendrick Lamar perform with the girls. Fingers crossed I'm hoping for the best and trying desperately to get better by resting and eating healthy shit.

P.S. I've started to like hip hop again, for whatever reason. I had this phase for about three years when I didn't like any music that was categorized under that genre (I was truly as anti-hip hop as one can get). But now the girl who digs hip hop has made a come-back and in honor of that here are some of my favorite tracks and a beautiful photo from back in the day when I had plenty of swag (link).

- - -

Löysin tällasen villi länsi henkisen paidan viime viikonloppuna Cubuksen alesta kymmenellä eurolla. Ostin sen koska a) mulla sattui olemaan kympin seteli lompakossa ja b) hapsut on kivoja. Mitäs tykkäätte? Oon nyt hieman katkera sillä mulla iski eilen flunssa (oon ollut viimeisen viikon nuhaisten ja yskivien ihmisten saartamana, kotona sekä poikaystävän perheen luona). Ja vaikka onkin välillä kiva pitää lomaa puuduttavasta työstä (ei, en aio kiistää sitä että SM-liigan virallisten keräitlykorttien pakkaaminen on syvältä) toivon kuitenkin tervehtyväni pian sillä viikonloppuna odottaa matka Helsinkiin kuuntelemaan ja katsomaan Kendrick Lamaria tyttöjen kanssa. Sormet ristissä toivon parasta tyrnimarjoja popsien ja kaiken maailman litkuja juoden.

P.S. Oon taas tykästynyt hip hopiin, ties mistä syystä. Mulla oli kolmisen vuotta pitkä vaihe jona en tykännyt yhtään kuunnella kyseiseen genreen luokiteltua musiikkia (olin niin anti-hip hop kuin ihminen voi vaan olla). Mutta nyt hip hopia diggaava tyttö on tehnyt come-backin ja sen kunniaksi joitakin lempibiisejä ja kaunis kuva ylä-asteajoilta jolloin swagia löytyi (linkki).





Pressure on teenagers with personal appearance, especially among girls, is a real thing and a very unfortunate one. It is natural for us human beings to look at others in order to learn things and develop. And when there is hype pretty much everywhere around us to buy designer clothes or get the latest makeup which will supposedly make us look like movie stars, that's what makes girls at a young vulnerable age think they need all of that in order to be a better person. Barbies are the good old example of these things that might cause pressure. Blue-eyed, blond-haired, skinny, tanned dolls with long legs and short skirts have the "ideal" look. And when girls grow up exposed to all of these ideas of how they're supposed to be that's when it gets all fucked up. Trying to become a better person is great but concentrating on appearance is the wrong way to do it. Getting a new dress won't change you anyhow. And then there's eating disorders, which is a whole other matter. I'm not saying that appearance means nothing because it is a fact that it in many cases directly affects, for example in getting employed. I think this shallow society of ours makes people even more self-centered and nonchalant of things that are actually important. It makes people plain stupid. The fact that the only thing on your mind is looking good is sad. What we should do instead is find out what we are interested in and developing in that area. Taking care of your appearance is okay as long as it's not the whole content of your life. 

P.S. Editing this photo took me ridiculously long and my eyes are throbbing with pain after spending many hours in front of the computer. As much as I love editing photos I hate the consequences.