Blouse - Choies*,  Skirt (Dress) - H&M,  Sunnies - ZeroUv*,  Backpack - Vintage,  Shoes - H&M

A couple of days ago I headed out shooting with Jade. And boy did we get some amazing shots. Judging by the amount of photos you might guess I had a hard time choosing which ones I liked the most. I really did try but then I thought "what the hell, this is my blog, I'll do as I please"! So excuse me for this overload of pictures. I also took a bunch of stunning photos of Jade and will most certainly get back to those once I've done all the editing. So for now you'll have to do with my outfit photos and these astonishingly beautiful friend photos of me and Jade.

P.S. I'm sorry for not writing too much lately! I've been busy with photo shoots, work and whatnot. Honestly I feel like my brain is barely working from exhaustion. Hopefully that will go away soon once I've established some sort of rhythm...


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    1. Kiitos paljon Iiro! Kaikki kunnia siitä Jadelle!

  2. tykkään sun asusta!! varsinki paidastaaa <3

  3. Mielettömän huikeita otoksia:--)!! Millä varustuksella sä muuten kuvailet?

    1. Voi kiitos Veera! Tällä hetkellä kuvaan Canon 5D Mark 2:lla ja eniten käytössä on Canonin 50mm (f/1.4) ja 85mm (f/1.8). Lisää infoa mun kalustosta löytyy täältä: http://thephotodiary-by-saralehtomaa.blogspot.fi/p/blog-page.html ja täältä: http://thephotodiary-by-saralehtomaa.blogspot.fi/2014/05/gear.html :)