Model: Vilma Alina
Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
MUAH: Mariela Sarkima
Styling: Maryam Razavi

Finally I get to share with you some of the material we shot last summer with amazing artist and old friend of mine Vilma Alina. It's not that often you get to work with such a wonderful team. Everyone involved were really passionate about it and naturally that is always how the best results are achieved. And an unforgettable day that was. Starting at the studio at 10am and then moving outside to Ruissalo and finishing at about 9pm, we were basically working all day long. So you can probably guess I still have a lot more material to share from that very same photo shoot, but that won't be until sometime next year. Really looking forward to that! Anyhow, back to present time, she just released her first single and the music video is now up on YouTube as well. Warmly recommend you to take a listen!


  1. Upia kuva :) Ois kiva tietää kuinka paljon on muokattu, mutta tuskin artisti paljastaa taikojaan ;D

    1. Kiitos! Voin toki kertoa sen verran että tässä oltiin käytetty savuheitteitä (joka Vilmalla siis on kädessä), eli muokkaaminen ulottuu lähinnä värien ja valotuksen säätämiseen :---)

  2. Katoin jo spotifyssä että onpa upee kuva! Ihan mahtavaa! :)