Sweatshirt - OASAP*, Skirt - Zara, Knee Socks - Fiorella*, Headphones - Exibel Audio Series

Some of my favorite things compiled in one outfit. The sweater really struck a chord with me thanks to the splendid text. What can I say, I love chocolate. And black and white are both colors that always seem to work for me, something I feel extremely comfortable in. I received the headphones as a Christmas / anniversary gift from my boyfriend. Successful presents like this always make me feel like shit. The presents I give are hardly ever that good for some reason. After so many failures I've learned to mentally brace myself (see image below depicting this). Yet another thing I'll have to work on, I guess. I did however manage to get both my mother and brother decent gifts, which they seemed to like a lot (unless they were lying to my face). And my brother. He gave me a selfie stick. A selfie stick. Selfie. Stick. I realize it was a joke, but for a moment I was a tiny bit offended.

       In other news I'm pretty hyped about all of the stuff that's lying ahead. Yesterday we were shopping some furniture at IKEA and on Tuesday we'll start bringing all of our stuff to the apartment. Have I ever mentioned how much I love interior decorating? Flea markets here I come. And obviously I can't wait to get to live with the person whom I love so much. I couldn't be more excited. Other things that lie ahead include photo shoots (yes, several of them) and a couple of trips with (and to) great friends in January. At the same time, though, I'm really exhausted. My minor, no, make that non-existent, exercising has led me to the point where I feel like I'm destroying myself. The problem is that unless I make it into a routine I won't get myself to do it as often as would be best for me. Once a month or so simply doesn't cut it. Another problem is motivation, the only source of being the goal of not feeling like shit all the time. Which is, I guess, something fairly important to strive for if one wants a happy fulfilling life, but for some reason that's not enough to keep me going. I wish I acted rationally in this case. But we're not too rational beings when it comes down to it, are we?



Model: Jade
Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa

Spent yet another fun day with Jade styling some awesome outfits, shooting and just hanging. This was a couple of months ago, though. Time flies by. And today it's Christmas eve. I don't consider Christmas in any way a special day, it's just like any other day but with the addition of particularly delicious food and heaps of it. I was planning to read until my eyes hurt and listen to some sweet music. And of course spend some time with my beloved family, who for once wont bicker because it's Christmas. Why can't it always be Christmas? Why can't people always be this nice? I think they could. At least most of the time, it's understandable that everyone of us every now and then have a bad day, but I really hate it when some people around me always have to concentrate on the negatives. It's pointless and stupid. "I'm just being a realist." No, realist and pessimist are not synonyms. Fuck off. You're ruining your life and upsetting people around you. There, I said it. Stop whining and get yourself together.

      After writing this I realized that I myself actually might come across as a pessimist to you readers, with all the things that I hate that I have the habit of bringing up (mostly winter) in my writings. But I can assure you that even as I may hate those things and admit it, I don't live in a bubble of purely negative energy and I certainly don't release it on others around me (well, I do occasionally...). I realize that there is a yin and yang to life, there's both good and bad (or at least energy that we perceive as either positive or negative, I don't believe in pure evil and good). It's up to you to decide how to cope with anything really. I've managed through doing the things that I love to balance out the negative parts of life. Doing that and not taking life so damn seriously (which I'm still kind of working on) makes living so much more enjoyable, for everyone really. Anyhow, hope you have a pleasant holiday.



Some random photos taken at different phases of my life.

As the title suggests this post is about ambient music. One of the things that I find very enjoyable when it's done well. This genre, often times devoid of any lyrics or at least putting little emphasis on them, concentrates instead on evoking a certain atmosphere. That is, the way it sounds becomes of extreme importance, since it's the only thing that defines the music. I guess, normally you would want to have a nice balance between thought-provoking lyrics and a sound that gets you the chills. I have to say, though, that sometimes I neglect the lyric part if I like the sound to the extent that it almost compensates for boring lyrics. As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago I didn't really give a damn about what they were singing as long as it sounded good. But today, after my boyfriend having introduced the exciting world of lyrics, paying attention to that side of music as well has made me change my music listening habits. Basically it has brought another layer to music, one which makes it even more enjoyable. Boring or, what you often encounter today, (especially on the radio) downright irritating lyrics, be it Taylor Swift or Pitbull, makes me not want to listen to something. Quite honestly I start feeling nauseous when I listen to what today's top artist have to say. And what does that say about the majority of people inhabiting this planet? I'm sure a lot of things, but one of them being the sad fact that we convince ourselves of being "too busy" to really pay attention to what's happening around us... 

        Before this turns into a rant, lets get back to ambient music. When the main focus is away from the obvious (and sometimes not so obvious) meaning, that means the artist will have to find a way through sound in order to create an atmosphere that is as emotive as possible to keep it interesting. This genre of music is also very easy to listen to. And what I mean by that is that getting absorbed into sounds is easier than having to interpret words. Which also means that it's great for relaxation, and for "letting go", since it's a place very easy to get lost into. Another great thing about it is the fact that there's almost an infinite amount of interpretations to be made out of the music. No lyrics means the music is what you feel when you hear it. Every individual will channel it differently and have a unique picture painted in their mind when listening, since we are all composed differently.

       One thing that particularly fascinates me is collecting sounds from your environment (sounds that aren't created with a musical instrument) and compiling them into a track. At least for me it tends to wake a particularly abundant stream of mental images. When I close my eyes I may sometimes be able to build a very detailed and precise imaginary environment based on the sounds. This type of music is exactly what Swedish artist Alex Boman did, and VICE just did a Lost and Found episode on him recording sounds all over Stockholm, his home city, and showing the result of the final track created from those. The idea of the Lost and Found series is to get artists to pay homage to their home cities through music. I really like the concept of the series, it's interesting to see what sides of their city the artists bring up and highlight. Especially in this case since Stockholm is my childhood home as well. Boman's track ended up being very light and peaceful. I would imagine it be a good listen along with something to read (I often listen to music while I read, especially when sitting in a bus, to block all the other unwanted noise). Will have to give it a try. What are your thoughts on the track (listen below), the Lost and Found series (watch below), or just generally this genre of music? I'd love to hear! Also you can read the post regarding this particular episode on noisey's website by clicking here.




Fringe Top - Fiorella*, Lace Shorts - H&M, Shoes - LWS

This lovely Finnish clothing store called Fiorella was kind enough to gift me this amazing fringe top along with some very cool knee socks (of which I will be sharing photos later on). I'm really happy to finally collaborate with a Finnish brand, and of course the fact that I'm in love with the actual clothes makes it even sweeter! Since this top is very luxurious I decided to pair it up with these lace shorts I recently found from H&M's sales for 7 euros (had actually kept my eyes on them for a while but just didn't feel like spending the money). Obviously this isn't something you would wear out in the Finnish winter, but in my opinion these two went so well together that I thought it wouldn't matter if I neglect that fact. Looking forward to getting to wear this combination when it gets a little bit warmer.

     Besides this beauty, Fiorella has a lot of print shirts, interesting (and occasionally funny) accessories and basic apparel. Perhaps a better description of their assortment would be the one found on their website: "...the fiercest mix of affordable, on-trend street-clothes in the Nordic countries. We've got a sweet collection of fashionable cuts, cool prints and poppin' colors. Our style has strong reference to modern pop-culture and we base our designs on giving people a fun way to express themselves through clothing." So go ahead, make your way to their website by clicking the picture below. And if you're Finnish do the right thing and support your homeland by purchasing something, saatana.



Top - Zara, Skirt - OASAP*, Jacket - Second Hand, Earring - Glitter, Shoes - Selected Femme