T-Shirt - LWS*, Skirt - Zara, Sequin Jacket - Vintage, Shoes - Sokos

I quite enjoy mixing prints, especially of matching color. Also, I love sequin, in any shape and color. About a week ago I spent some quality time with Jade in the studio, taking her graduation photos as well as shooting some outfits (including this one). I really don't have too much to say, other than that I probably should inform you about my upcoming three week absence starting this Sunday due to my trip to Scotland. One reason why I love Finland Swedish schools is their generosity - indeed the first year English students are annually offered a trip to Edinburgh to get familiar with the University of Edinburgh, and of course Scottish culture in general. I have to admit I'm a bit nervous about meeting the family I'm going to stay with. Although (luckily) they seem very nice, and I doubt we'll be facing any problems! But there's always that presence of a mixture of nervosity and excitement when traveling somewhere unfamiliar. Anyway, you'll probably be seeing more of me on Instagram during those three weeks than over here. Just so you know. Well, see you in three weeks, I guess!


  1. Sara! Nice look and pics!!! Greetz Edwin www.foto-edwin.nl

    1. Thank you Edwin! I appreciate it :)

  2. Sun blogi on aivan mahtava ja oot super kaunis !