Top - StyleMoi*, Cardigan - H&M, Pants - BikBok, Jacket - H&M, Shoes - DinSko, Hat - Vintage

I have to admit I have not enjoyed the latest week or two very much. Spending long days sitting in front of a computer with the occasional phone call and email (= my summer job) has funnily enough made me exhausted. Due to this I also haven't had enough time or strength to exercise or photograph, or any of the things that I would really want / need to do. And it makes me sad. I'm hoping to shoot some interesting photos the upcoming weekend in Helsinki, though. I've also really missed just heading out exploring with my camera. And that is exactly what I'm going to do with Noora this Saturday. Hoping for sunshine and warmth. Probably not gonna happen.



Dress - OASAP*, Hoodie - H&M, Denim Jacket - Vintage, Heels - River Island, Headband - Topshop



This was absolutely my favorite day during our stay in Edinburgh. It was a Saturday. After a good amount of rest, providing myself the luxury of waking up late in the morning, finally at midday we made our way to Holyrood Park. It was a surprisingly warm day, weirdly lacking the windiness that is so typical to dear old Scotland. I was grateful for that. Unfortunately it would be the first and last day like that during our stay. Our group had split in two since the other half was slightly late (I was part of that half) so we made our way up the hills separately at first. We met halfway through and sat down for a moment to take in the view and rest. It was a pretty damn good workout if you ask me. If I lived in Edinburgh, I swear, that would be the only form of exercise that I would practice. I don't believe you can ever really get enough of a view like that, it's one of those places that will always retain its beauty no matter how many times you see it. Climbing up there wasn't the safest thing, though. The road that continued up from the middle part of the hill was ridiculously narrow, rugged and steep. And there was really nothing, no fences or anything, to ensure your safety. I wonder how many people have died up there. I have to admit it was slightly unsettling to have that thought in the back of my mind as I climbed higher and higher. 

        Altogether it took about an hour for us to climb all the way up to the top. The feeling when finally making it was just overwhelming. It was really something. After having spent some time on the very peak at the top (which is called Arthur's Seat by the way) we descended to find a good spot for a picnic. We took our time lying there in the sun, and I received a lovely sunburn on the top of my nose and shoulders. I would definitely say that climbing up there was the climax of our trip. And if any of you ever decide to head to Edinburgh I highly recommend you to visit Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat if you're not allergic to a little bit of exercise! The view is well worth it.



Top - Nasty Gal, Skirt - OASAP*, Shoes - Sokos

This is possibly the most photogenic skirt that I have ever come across. I'm a huge fan of the ink splash print! However, I'm not very used to wearing skirts of this length (I usually tend to go for maxi or above-the-knee), so I'm not too crazy about that. Oh well, perhaps I'll get used to it. Thanks again to Jade for taking the photos, you're the bomb! (More photos from Scotland coming soon, I promise!)



As you know if you follow me on Instagram I'm back in Turku now. With a cold, unfortunately. The weather in Edinburgh is one of the things that I won't be missing at all. Experiencing four seasons in one day is pretty intense, and the scary part is it's quite usual there. It's a good place to be if you enjoy layering, though. Personally I hate it. Which is probably why I got sick (I've been for over a week now so I should probably visit a doctor soon, haha). However, regardless of my dissatisfaction with the climate I really really liked the city! With its beautiful old buildings and stunning hills how could I not? And the people. What a nice bunch. Most of them anyway. The shopping was fairly good as well. And during three weeks we had plenty of time to do it...let's just say my financial situation is not the same. But I'm working all summer anyway so #yolo.

       Another thing we ended up doing a whole lot was poking along in pubs. Frankly almost everyday (which may or may not be slightly alarming). We found this awesome place called McSorley's, which we visited several times during our stay thanks to their cheap and delicious drinks, and lovely atmosphere. Highly recommend. We also climbed up to Arthur's Seat (which was freaking amazing) and I will be sharing photos from there in a separate post very soon. The nature in general was quite different from Finland. Not as many trees, lots of hills, and a bunch of sheep. Very stunning indeed. And of course we had to visit the main tourist attractions and taste haggis! I feel like the whole trip is just like this big blur of goodness and excitement, and I find it hard to describe. I'm actually still, after almost one week, kind of shaken up from returning. I don't really feel like I've settled down properly yet, especially since I started working almost immediately after my return. And it's really unfortunate because I'd love to share all of it with you to the best of my ability, but it seems I can't squeeze anything else out of this brain of mine atm and you'll have to do with photos for now. Maybe (hopefully) I'll have more to say in my next posts.