A short video from Ruisrock, an annual music festival held here in Turku. For the very first time I decided to use the selfie stick that my brother very kindly gave to me last Christmas as a present (I appreciate the fact that a selfie stick is what he thought about when thinking of me). I feel like there is a certain notion of the selfie stick as something to be ashamed of. It's like, if you own a selfie stick, that's some next level shit, taking narcissism to a whole new dimension. In certain cases that might be true, but I will admit that it can actually be quite handy at times, for instance when you want a group shot without making the sacrifice of one person missing due to him or her being the one taking the photo. And I guess it looks kinda cool on video as well, with the bird's-eye view. Besides who am I to speak, I've got over 1k posts on Instagram and I bet about one fifth of them are selfies. Now I feel kinda stupid having in my mind dissed people with selfie sticks, especially when I started questioning my reasons for taking selfies and came up with no pleasing answers. The reality is that I'm either, a) taking a selfie because I want to make people laugh (those very seldom end up on Instagram but there are times...), or b) feeling beautiful and want to share it with others. And that sounds awfully primitive but it is a reality. And I can't really blame it on anyone but myself, but goddammit that's the way our species work, we try to show off with whatever in order to make people like us (not that there's anything wrong with that in itself, but lets just say it's not the best approach to life in general). Ok, so somehow this became a post about me defending the selfie stick and tracing the reasons for selfie-taking. I'll just leave it at that. Hope you like the video!

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