Model: Kaisa Löyskä
Photography: Sara Lehtomaa

So I met up with this amazingly beautiful person a couple of weeks ago. This girl named Kaisa. We had been speaking online for a little while and finally decided to actually meet in person. And I'm glad we did, because not only did I enjoy the heck out of shooting with her, but I also got to know this sweet sweet person that she is a little better. Very seldom do I feel this kind of connection with people. It's not that I don't get along with people, quite the opposite actually, but people are very different and often times you just don't quite get each other. With Kaisa there was this mutual understanding and a sense of effortlessness. That's something I value. It just left me feeling really happy. I think it is such an amazing thing when you finally meet someone who you just instantly sync with in this great sea of people. It makes existence quite a bit more enjoyable.