Hi guys, hope you've had a relaxing weekend! Just thought I'd share a few shots from my last visit to Helsinki. Homemade pizza, watching movies, listening to music and just hanging out. Lately I've started to highly appreciate just taking it easy. Movie watching in particular has become one of my favorite pastimes and if I had to make an estimation of the amount of movies I've watched during the past couple of months it would probably be at least 20. Cooking is another thing I've enjoyed a lot. I mean obviously I love food, but the process of creating something from scratch is something I take pleasure in. And because I like cleaning as well I will make an excellent house wife according to my boyfriend. He's one lucky bastard. Anyway, speaking of movies, I would be super happy if you left some movie suggestions in the comment box below! Thanks if you do and peace out.


  1. Some seriously beautiful photos in this post! Homemade pizza is the best pizza!
    Movie suggestion: you probably already watch it but "Stoker", "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains", "Frank" and "The Hateful Eight".

    1. Ooh thanks for the recommendations! I actually just watched The Hateful Eight in the movies (always liked Quentin's work) and loved it. Will def check out the rest of the movies you mentioned as well. And thanks for the compliment, glad you like the photos :)

  2. superb serie !! I like these simply moments !!