Model: Ida Nyberg
Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Assistant: Ellen Seppälä

Spent last Tuesday in the studio with Ida and Ellen and shot some portraits. I had been dying to test shooting through a wet glass panel like this for quite some time now, so I was pretty excited to discover that the results look this good. I've always enjoyed shooting through surfaces as the distortions give a nice touch of otherworldliness to the photos. That's always the goal for me personally. I want my photos to be from another world, so to speak. And if not that then at least visually impressive. At any rate, I do my best and hope that you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy creating them! Btw, mega props to Ellen who basically risked her life during this photoshoot (we were using a mirror with sharp edges and Ellen cut herself by accident)! But you know what they say about great art arising from pain and suffering!

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